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My Services

I offer many different packages - check them all out! 

Tanique Tanning Services
$39- The Trademark Full Body Tan
$125-4 Session Package ($31 Savings)
$97-3 Session Package ($20 Savings)
$68-2 Session Package ($10 Savings)
$25 Student Discount-(Must show student i.d.)
$49-Express Tan- (Shower in 3-4 hours)




$10 Double Dip (More Soloution for added color)

$5 PH Balancing Spray-To neutralize your PHs due to horomonal situations, prescriptions, etc...

$5 Exfoliating Wipes (Exfoliate oils and dead skin as well as PH balances your skin)

$5 Moisture Lock (Helps protect, lock, and extends your tan, as well as helps mask the smell)

$10 per Area- Contouring (Enhances or adds muscle defintion-Contouring only last 1 may 2 washes. It is not longer term like the tan)


Unlimited Monthly Membership
Tan as many times as you would like in a month
No start up fees, bank drafts, or long term committment-
just month to month




Mobile Tanning



3-4 People- $65 each

5-6 People- $60 each

7-8 People- $55 each

9+People-$50 each


***Mileage/Valet/& Parking fees may be applied

$5 off New Client Discount
$25 Fridays
$25 Student Discount
*Please contact for group deals
**Specials cannot be combined
***Specials MUST be mentioned to receive discount




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